4 Great Products for the Florida Beaches

While the rest of the world gets to enjoy the summer, Floridians have to deal with scorching hot temperatures, intense humidity, and a little thing called hurricane season. But once December hits, the rest of the world wishes they could escape winter and enjoy some of Florida’s beautiful beaches (Miami beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Dania Beach, and Key West to name a few). The lucky few, who are able to take time off of work to revel on down south, need to take note of these new unique and fun beach and pool items to make their travels even that more delightful.




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This is definitely the Coolest coolers on the market. Soak in the sun while blending smoothies, blasting music, and of course, sipping on a nice cold drink.

Coolest pool and beach cooler




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How can you enjoy your Flonuts without a peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe and secure? That’s where SAFEGO comes into play. Built from durable ABS plastic, SAFEGO is a portable safe that will protect your phone, keys, wallet, and other valuables while you are off in the distance getting crazy.

SAFEGO Portable Travel Safe





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Mother nature, the ultimate controller of your destiny. Stay protected from any external weather forces (heat or rain) to make the most of your time outside with the SPORT-BRELLA.

 SPORT-BRELLA Beach and Pool Umbrella




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Okay, we might be slightly biased, but come on... There is no better way to get wacky and weird by the pool or at the beach than with Flonuts inflatable pool floats. Emojis, pineapples, and pizza have never looked so good wet. Or have they…

Flonuts pizza pool floaty inflatable