Flonuts Available on Amazon and Amazon Prime

Pizza pool floaties

Amazon, the United States largest retailer by market capitalization, has built an empire in the world of commerce, and even further beyond. By consistently delivering products on time and for cheap ($99 annual fee for unlimited 2 day deliveries with Amazon Prime), customers essentially have every type of product at the tip of the fingertips. Well, at least customers need to use their fingertips to type in their credit card and address.

We won’t lie. We f****** love Amazon. Come on, who doesn’t. You say Netflix and chill. We’d rather Amazon and chill. With you in mind, we have stocked all 3 styles of Flonuts (pineapple, emoji, and pizza) and each float is available for Amazon Prime free 2 day delivery. Don’t believe us, just check us out here.


Although this is just for the United States at the moment, we are working on solving the issue for the rest of the world, especially Europe, Asia, and Australia who just can’t seem to get enough of our floaties.

Stay warm. Stay weird.

-Team Flonuts