Bertha Elizabeth x Flonuts


This past weekend during a so-called threat of Tropical Storm Erica, it was somewhat a tough decision to go out and shoot, however, the odds were in my favor. With some sun showers here and there and listening to A$AP Rocky's album At.Long.Last. I decided to spend the day at the modern-chic gem Standard Hotel Miami Beach to work on a special project for Flonuts.  

Flonuts, inflatable tube floats established in between New York and Miami is a game-changing company on the horizon. “Flonuts was created because I got sick of my typical job in the typical world doing such typical things. Nothing is more exhilarating (and daunting at the same time) than starting your own business and calling all of the shots. If I can bring a couple of smiles to people each summer through Flonuts, than that's all that matters. I want people to continue to think and act differently and goofy, and I hope Flonuts can help provide some sort of little spark” says the founder of Flonuts. 

With the beautiful weather, we walked through the garden to make our way to the pool area and breathing taking views. On both our left and right were plenty of Bath Terrace rooms having the benefit of a private terrace with a roll-top bath, some with views of the bay and lively hammocks making this scenery whole.

There is just something about The Standard that makes this hotel one of the top places to enjoy a Saturday in. It is lush, gorgeous and provides an oasis to truly unwind and relax. With that said, I jumped off The Standard's small dock to the open water in my pizza & pineapple Flonut to enjoy much needed down time. These 48" in diameter pizza and pineapple inflatable tubes and some drinks were exactly what I needed to make this weekend complete.  

Our lunch consisted of gorgeous water views, delicious cocktails and remarkable food at The Standard outside bay-side grill, Lido. The Buddha in Brazil cocktails were made of Barrel Aged Cachaca, Sriracha Spiked Citrus, and Ginger Beer while our taste buds exploded with Crispy Shrimp Tostadas and a Fancy Fried Egg Sandwich…delicious is an understatement.

donut pool float

pineapple inflatable

donut inflatable

pizza pool inflatable

Adding a bit of crazy, sexy & cool fun to a day at the pool or beach with pineapple, pizza and emjoi Flonuts, who wouldn't want to be different and have these at one of their water fun gatherings or events? I sure would.

With 3 new designs releasing early 2016, Flonuts will also be launching a couple of other products in the next coming months. I am extremely excited for this partnership as the future is oh so bright. You can purchase Flonuts here.

Stay cool, Miami.


Bertha Elizabeth