Flonuts Favorite Men's Swimwear Styles, Summer 2015

Here you can see some of our favorite brands and products for men's swimwear this summer!

Chubbies are the swim trunks to be seen in. For the frat stars partying
in Vegas, or the boy’s trip to the Hamptons, Chubbies are the look. Especially for any American holiday– like Fourth of July this year. They’re not too short but they give out the vibe that you like to have a
good time. Oh, and that you also love the USA, pool parties, and beer.

Vilebrequin is for the high end folks who like to hang at resort beaches and float in the lazy river pool. For dads and sons of all body types, this is for you. Whether you are going on a golf trip or a summer vacation, there is a collection meant for your liking. Pineapples are in, so take a look at the tropic swim trunks!

J. Crew
J. Crew is always in. No matter if you want to float in the ocean or swim laps in your home pool, J. Crew has it all. For the guys then don’t believe in “skies out thighs out,” try a longer seam at J. Crew. The board shorts are perfect for the beach and looking like a classy man. Swim, relax, surf or float with these summer 2015 board shorts.

Release the Coachella in you and check out Onia Swimwear. The Calder bathing suit will be perfect for any pool parties after a crazy music festival. With inner and outter seams, it takes a cut from your best dress pants. Be bold and rock the trendiest suit out this summer!


Team Flonuts