Best Beaches To Visit In FLO-rida

Looking for the top beaches in Florida? You’ve come to the right place. We are about to lay out our 5 favorite beach spots where you can bring your Flonuts this summer. 

1. South Beach
Others call it Baewatch–here you can float in the ocean and still see bikini models wherever you look. Miami has the bluest water, sandiest shores, and craziest nightlife. Home to topless sunbathing and pool parties, this man-made beach is meant for those looking for a good time. Inflatables are a must bring to this beach.   

2. Fort Lauderdale Beach
Looking for a more family oriented beach where the bar scene is still wild at night? Fort Lauderdale is the place for you. Resorts with magnificent pools and views of the bright ocean will be why you decide to retire on the water. Both budget friendly and not too crowded, fort Lauderdale beach is the perfect place to relax on a raft with no worries in the world. There also a ton of great pools at some of the hotels right on the beach. 

3. Naples
Ever just want to float in the ocean after a long day of golf? Naples is
incredible for golfing, boutique shopping, and wonderful restaurants. Although resorts can be quite pricey, the beaches are free and beautiful! A more relaxing scene for those looking for a getaway filled with sunsets and luxuries.

4. Delray Beach
Talk about an upcoming attraction! Delray is the place to be. With some of the top surfing zones, raft rentals and boating excursions, Delray is awesome for those who love to be outdoors. There have gourmet eateries for the epicureans and late night bars for those who like to party. Be sure to check out Atlantic Avenue! The Pizza Flonut has it's name all over this town. 

5. Sanibel Island
Why go? More like why not. It is a perfect town for families or couples looking to relax by the pool and float away in the ocean. Sanibel has the calmest waters on the East Coast. Whether you like to collect seashells or take a long walk on the beach, Sanibel is ideal. The most laid-back, low-key place you will ever visit. Be sure to bring your Flonut and let the calm waves drift you down the shoreline. Extremely family friendly!

Float On My Friends!

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-Flonuts Team